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Our Advantage

Our Advantage

A modern approach to training with high-definition content and an interactive platform.

Reinforced Content Sessions
Our training is reinforced throughout the school year, beginning with an overview session at the start of the year, then followed up by four shorter reinforcement modules throughout the year. With this interval training year-round, content is reviewed and reinforced with specific focal points in each follow-up session.

Smaller Training Intervals
Since allows for iterative training throughout the year in shorter sessions, we are able to keep the attention and focus of teachers, as we know they are often multi-tasking and can become distracted during long training sessions. We keep our content short, relevant and engaging to keep the focus of the teacher and his/her ability to retain the information.

Interactive Questionnaires
Our automated learning management system allows to track and report all training completions to the school system or risk pool.

Focus on Teacher Injury Prevention
Our main focus is teacher injury prevention which provides an immediate and substantial impact on improved educational performance in the classroom and reduced liability costs.

An Administrator’s Perspective

When it comes to safety, injury and medical loss, you have a decision to make: You can hope and pray things are going to get better and people won’t get hurt, or you can be proactive and choose to get your teachers trained in safety to prevent loss.


Schools have experienced double-digit reductions in injury claims after implementing safety training.

A Teacher’s Perspective

This safety training certainly opened my eyes to things I can watch out for and I’m more aware of my surroundings now. The sessions were informative and I could do them at my own pace, at my own convenience, and even on my iPad.